Tri Gen Living

This is a ground breaking new concept from Norton Ellis Architects. The design is in response to the twin challenges of a shortage of affordable housing for young adults and an ageing population. We have decided to redesign one of the most common housing types the semi-detached house, which comprises of 26% of all the housing in England.

One typical three bedroom semi-detached house converts into three self contained homes, which includes shared facilities for three generations of a family aged 25, 50 and 75. Private accommodation is provided for each generation.

This concept provides an apartment appropriate for all ages. The conversion is simple each age group has family support with independent living. Energy Efficiency includes the use of solar energy to reduce the carbon footprint, natural daylight is used to its maximum potential. Communal facilities creates efficient use of space, including: shared laundry, recycling, family dining, storage and parking.

 The design can easily be duplicated across nearly six million households across the UK.